hi babe 🤍

valentine's day and romance has always given me heartburn and made me want to run as far away as possible, but this year things are a lot different. i say it every time but thank you so much for loving me and for being the greatest partner i could ever dream of. every day, but especially today, i hope you know how much i love you and how grateful i am for you in my life.

xo liv

i saw these and i genuinely couldn't resist, i thought they fit the decor we have going on down here.

"With scents of warm pebbled leather, glue, EVA foam, and an accenting touch of cotton blossom, Authentique is designed to smell just like a brand new pair of box-fresh sneakers."

honestly i feel like this speaks for itself... and i can't crease these on you.

WHEN I SAY THIS IS QUITE POSSIBLY THE DUMBEST THING I'VE EVER BOUGHT i genuinely mean it. no, it's not the real one i am merely a wanna-be popstar and can't afford that. and no, it's eyes don't move but HOWEVER HE'S CUTE LOOK AT HIM. even though this movie literally gives me the worlds biggest heart attack, i have it to thank for bringing you into my life. this little fella deserves a shrine of his own, but i think you'll give him the perfect home.