merry christmas babe!
it's no secret christmas is my least favorite holiday, but i'm so excited and happy to be spending it with you. this year has been nothing less than a complete rollercoaster and i'm ending it in a place i never imagined: happier than i've ever been. you've transformed my entire life for the better, you've made me a better person in so many ways and i can't thank you enough for everything you do for me (and the dogs!) you're such an incredible person and there isn't a single person on this earth who makes me as happy as you do. i love you so much, pete. merry christmas!!!
     xo liv

surprisingly done by hand.

apparently these are like a really cool collectors item and i had no idea but i think it's sick and i think you'll love him

part one of two!!!
since technology hasn't caught up with our wishes yet, i figured i'd bring the moon to you instead.

part two of two!!!
can't go to the moon without visiting mars too.
i love you a lot farther than this though.

since we can't go to the abandoned hospital island in italy, i figured a haunted hotel right in new york might hit the same? we TOTALLY don't have to stay there new years eve but i figured it'd be a nice change!
hotel info here:
In 2015, a TripAdvisor reviewer stated, "And... it turns out that it's extremely haunted and we had tons of paranormal activity in our room, but the staff isn't allowed to talk about it."

last but not least: protraits of all three dogs done in this style! locke is of course a tiny princess, while the boys are regal gentlemen. because they are.